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This is a remarkable publication – a very detailed history of St Joseph’s Church, the early years, the architecture, the clergy that have served here since its foundation and a lot of other general parish history. It was produced by Frances Lee and Eileen Carty, two faithful parishioners. We are very grateful to them for the enormous amount of work they put into the research and presentation of this material which was originally printed as a booklet to mark the parish’s centenary in 2000.

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Parish Priests

Father George Carton 1898 - 1901

Father Edward Doyle 1959 - 1975

Canon Aloysius O’Toole 1901—1925

Canon James Fraser 1975 - 1986

Father Nicholas Kern 2005 - 2016

Provost Henry Hazlehurst 1925 - 1953

Father William Doyle 1986 - 1989

Father Christopher Matthews 2016 -

Canon John Goodear 1953 - 1959

Father Terence Boylan 1989 - 2005


Eugene Rooney

Joseph O’Leary

Joseph Seddon

Peter Burke

Aloysius Wilson

Bernard Coleman

Bernard Bell

John Campbell

Cornelius Campion

Frederick V Walsh

Bernard Gill

Clement Turner   

Albert Knight

James Fitzgerald

William Bergin

Patrick Down

Robert Fallon

Timothy Harrington

Hugh Birdwhistle

John McDonald

Frederick Walsh

John Blanc

James Farrell

James O’Reilly

Michael Cupit

Michael Gannon

Ivan Burke

Michael Wagstaffe

William Fitzgerald

Paul Standish

David McNamara

Edward (Ned) Wall

Michael Raiswell

Philip McGovern

Philip Heiberg

Father Humphrey Agbim

The Benemerenti Medal​

The Benemerenti is a medal awarded by the Pope to members of the clergy and laity in recognition for their service to the Catholic Church.

Below is a list of St Joseph’s parishioners who have been awarded this medal.

Josie Bolger

Donald McDermott

Muriel Eyre

Mary McDermott

Eileen Carty

Laurence Stauss  

Eileen Keegan

Eileen Walsh

Jack Cuffe

Silvia Roxburgh

John Reynolds (Snr)

Stations of the Cross

Click on any station and then click on the arrows to the left and right to move from station to station.