“My Jesus, if you uphold me, I shall not fall.” ~ 

Saint Philip Neri

Saint Michael and All Angels



in the parish of

Saint Philip Neri

Saint Joseph’s 


Thank you for considering the baptism of your child at Saint Michael & All Angels church or Saint Joseph’s church in the Parish of Saint Philip Neri, Birkenhead. Baptism is an important event in the life of our family, with relatives and friends coming together to share your joy and happiness at the birth of your child. It is also a very important and joyful event in the life of the Church. Through Baptism your child will enter into the life of Jesus Christ, they will become part of the Church and seek to grow in the ways of God, therefore it is necessary to prepare for this important and exciting event.

Planning your baby’s baptism 

Since, through Baptism, your child will be entering into the Catholic Church, at least one parent must be a baptised Catholic. To have your child baptised here at Saint Philip’s we expect to see you at Sunday Mass on a regular basis and you will need to attend a Baptism Preparation Meeting. These meetings happen on the first Wednesday of each month (except January and August) at 7pm in the Raiswell Room in Saint Joseph’s Presbytery. Please contact the Parish Office and book a place at the meeting most suitable for you. At the meeting you will have the opportunity to fill in a Baptism Application Form, and hopefully agree a date for the baptism with the clergy. Please note that Baptisms do not take place during Lent (from Ash Wednesday onwards) which, traditionally, is a time of preparation for Baptism at Easter.

It is the norm in this country for babies to be baptised, however, for children seven years and older and for adults, baptism is possible but they will need to undergo special preparation.
For further details of this preparation please speak to one of the Clergy Team.