“My Jesus, if you uphold me, I shall not fall.” ~ 

Saint Philip Neri

Saint Michael and All Angels



in the parish of

Saint Philip Neri

Saint Joseph’s 


We are delighted that you are considering having your child baptised in our Parish whether St. Michael and All Angels or St Joseph’s. Father Chris, or one of the deacons, conducts the rite of baptism throughout the year on Sunday afternoons. We hold meetings for you on the first Wednesday evening, to get to know you, and talk about baptism, and make sure you are familiar with the rite before your child is to receive the Sacrament of Baptism.

Planning your baby’s baptism

Some people think of baptism simply as something else to ‘get done’. They speak of baptism as having the baby ‘done’ and we find that’s very sad. For baptism is a birth into the Christian community and is all about our relationship with God. It is in every way as solemn and important as the birth of your child itself. It’s an event that needs to be prepared for.

Your faith is important; the most important preparation you can make is to look at your own faith. Do you still attend Mass? How often do you practice? Your baby will be born with your features and will pick up your mannerisms. As he or she gets older your child will grow up, too, with your faith. That is why, when you approach the church about having your child baptised you will be encouraged to think through your own faith and the part it plays in your life. The very fact that you have asked to have your baby baptised shows that you recognise the importance of God in your life.

From the earliest days children too young to answer for themselves have been baptised, usually as they accompanied their parents into the Church. For the church recognises the desire of Christian parents to share the life of Christ with their children. Jesus Christ, like you, wants the best for your child.

An important point to bear in mind is that you will need one Catholic godparent for the baptism of your child and the choice that you make should be very considered. They are there not only to encourage you in your faith but also to ensure that their Godchild is being prepared properly in their faith by yourselves. Your baby’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy. And, naturally, you want the best for your baby. We want to help you plan and prepare for the baptism in the best possible way.

If as parent within a Catholic relationship you have not been baptised, and are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, please have a word with whoever of the parish clergy you meet with.