Parish Groups

“Christian joy is a gift of God flowing from a good conscience.
— Philip Neri

Know Jesus Better (Adult Formation)

Deepening Your Faith, Knowing Jesus Better  is open to all our parishioners and is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. Watch the newsletter for up to date details. We usually gather together on a Wednesday evening at Saint Josephs or on a Thursday afternoon at Saint Michael’s. Over a brew we watch a DVD, and then share our thoughts, reactions and deepen our faith and knowledge of Jesus. Our time together usually ends with a short time of prayer. We look at a different topic each time ranging from Scripture to the Sacraments, who Jesus is, how to pray, and lots lots more.

For more information contact: The Parish Office

Extraordinary Ministers Communion and Ministers of the Word

Minister Rotas
St Michael’s

Minister Rotas
St Joseph’s

RCIA –Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults

Are you thinking about becoming a Catholic?
Are you interested in what the Catholic Church teaches?

At Saint Philip Neri Parish Birkenhead we have a full programme of instruction where you can discover what it means to be a Catholic Christian in today’s modern world.

We meet informally in comfortable surroundings using video presentations and small discussion groups.

Through the implementation of this ancient rite of Christian initiation, candidates are supported on a journey of faith through to full communion with the Catholic Church.

So, if you are not yet baptised, baptised but not as a Catholic or baptised as a Catholic but not yet received first Holy Communion or Confirmation and want to know more, then perhaps we can help.

Contact the Parish Office to arrange an introductory meeting with Father Chris or Deacon John to discuss your needs. 

St Vincent De Paul

Aiming to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need.

St Michael and All Angels 

St Joseph’s

Parish Youth Group

Join the Faith in Action Group

The young people in the parish, those in Year 5 and above, are invited to join the Faith in Action Group. We meet once a month and literally put our Faith in to Action!

The actions we do count as credits towards badges and certificates awarded by the Shrewsbury Youth Mission Team. There are 4 different levels, each building up the amount of credits needed, responsibility and leadership – similar to the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Putting our faith into action might include, serving or reading at mass, helping to welcome or tidy at the end of Mass, raising money for charity, making Christmas cards for those visited by the SVP or Eucharistic Ministers, helping to lead prayer times…the list really is never ending and involves doing things in the Parish and other areas.

However, it’s not all ‘work’, we do make time for fun as group too with, just to name a few things, film afternoons, trips out bowling and crazy golf! Plus, there is always food involved at our meetings – whether it’s hotdogs and snacks watching a film or pizza while we get crafty making things.

If you want to find out more information about what we’ve got coming up please email Clare Williams who is our Parish Youth Minister or visit 

Liturgy Team

We want our liturgies to bring our parishioners in contact with God and be a source of uplifting, meaningful prayer and hope for them.

God always wants us to draw closer to Him in prayer.

Liturgy is how we pray together and good liturgy fosters “full and active participation” in the life of the Church.  It enhances and supports us in living out our Christian faith.

Our Parish Liturgy Team is here to help us all enrich the time we spend together in prayer, so that it can truly be ’the source and summit’ of all that we seek to be as a Christian community.

Its members include:
the musical directors for each of our two churches – Stella at St. Joseph’s and Jim at St. Michael’s.
the leaders for the Ministry of the Word – Lynn at St. Joseph’s and Deacon John at St. Michael’s
others with particular skills in this area.

Members of the team organise music and Ministers of the Word for regular Sunday worship. In addition, the team provides input for services and events and prayer material for significant parts of the Church’s calendar


Sister Catherine Bibby
Deacon John Birch
Deacon Gerard Boyle
Tony Evans
Jim Gallacher
Lynn Ireland
Stella McGann

Members of the Team can be contacted via the Parish Office.

Singing in Praise

The Music Groups of our Parish

St. Michael & All Angels’ Music Ministry 

Our objective as a music ministry is to enable the wholehearted, active participation of the congregation of St. Michael & All Angels by leading it in tuneful praise when glorifying God’s presence during various liturgies, the most important of these being the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Our aim is to encourage the participation of the church assembly in singing God’s praises by using music written in a variety of styles and chosen to reflect the cultural and generational diversity of those present.       

The music is provided by St. Michael’s Music Group, comprising both vocalists and instrumentalists, which currently plays at both Masses each weekend.
We are also blessed with a really wonderful church organ, which is, at present, used periodically.
Though the group has been together for a little while now, nevertheless we are always ready to welcome new members. So, if you feel like joining us, why not come forward ?   Likewise, if there is anyone out there who is willing to play the organ, we would love you to hear from you. 

Contact Jim through the Parish office   

Ladies Groups

St Michael’s Ladies’ Group

We are a group of Ladies from the Parish that meet on a regular basis, usually on the first Thursday of the month in St Michael’s Meeting Room.
Our meetings are very varied, from talks from Members of the clergy and representatives of different charities, to theatre trips, meals out, musical evenings and craft sessions.
Details of all our meetings can be found in the Church Newsletter.

New members are assured of a very warm welcome.

Contact Sally via the Parish Office

Parish Pastoral Council of the Parish of Saint Philip Neri

The Parish Pastoral Council replaces the former Saint Joseph’s Parish Pastoral Team and Saint Michael’s Parish Council. Its purpose is setting and ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategy in consultation with the Parish Priest. It has a role in building and advising on the direction of ournew Parish.
The Parish Pastoral Council is a discretionary body rather than a Diocesan requirement. The Council is very much welcomed and encouraged by Father Chris The Council exists to make a major and practical contribution to Parish affairs especially the lay voice.
It is made up of:
  • Ex officio members, i.e. those who are engaged in pastoral ministry in the parish (Priests, Deacons, Youth Minister)
  • Chair who is appointed by the Parish Priest.
  • Vice Chair who is elected by the members of the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • Secretary who is appointed by the Parish Priest.
  • Members appointed by the Parish Priest, in consultation with the Parish Clergy Team and the Chair/Vice Chair. 
Members are appointed initially for a period of four years, with the possibility of reappointment for one or more terms, according to the needs of the parish.
The Council meets six times a year.
If a new Parish Priest is appointed, then the composition and membership will be reviewed within six months.
The Council is not directly involved with practical matters. These will be carried out by designated Teams across the Parish and groups within each Church.
So for example:
The Council may decide it wishes to have additional liturgies during Lent or Advent but it is up to the Liturgy Team to decide on these with support from others as necessary.
The Council may decide that it wishes to have a Parish Christmas Party but it is up to the Social Team to organise this.
The Council may decide it wants to make more use of Social Media and develop its online presence but the task will be passed to the Communications Team.
The Parish Council recognises the need to reach out to the whole community both through the two Churches and more generally. It seeks to involve a wider range of parishioners in this work whilst remembering that many churchgoers in the Parish need help and support.

Mens Group

Altar servers

Bereavment Group

Social Team


Pilgrimage Team